how many coats of paint for kitchen cabinets

A step by step guide to painting cabinets

Standard is 2 - 3  coats when you paint your kitchen cabinets  There are Some factors create  the need to do the third coat. 

What is Primer : It sets the base for you to get ready to paint the cabinets.

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If you had to just do one coat, it would have been amazing right ?

If you have painted before you know this..The second coat is always needed to get the perfect finish.

Steps to paint the kitchen cabinets

1.clean the cabinet 2.remove hardware  3.sand the cabinet 4.coat primer 5.First coat paint

Patience is the key when painting cabinets. Make sure the first coat dries completely before putting the second or the third coat

Very imporatant step add final coat of sealant. After doing so much hard work, you need to protect your investment. 

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets