Onyx stone countertops 

Understanding Onyx countertops, The Pros & Cons, Maintenance of Onyx countertops, Where else you can install onyx. Learn how much do Onyx countertops cost.

Onyx is a unique form of calcite, a naturally occurring mineral known for its stunning, translucent appearance.

This calcareous stone comes to life when water is collected in one area, dripping down and dropping minerals like calcite along the way.

Over years, these drips stack up, layer by layer. This drip water forms onyx,  crafting those gorgeous bands we see in onyx slabs.

The Pros of Onyx Countertops

Colors Galore:. Whether you’re feeling a deep green vibe or a calm beige, onyx has got you covered. Unique appearance and full of exceptional patterns.

The Showstopper:

This precious stone is translucent. It can backlight. It is a perfect choice for a focal point of any room. Onyx isn’t just for counters. Let it shine in your bathroom vanity.

Elevated Home Value ​The luxury of onyx can elevate your home’s market value. It’s not just a countertop—it’s an investment.

The Cons of Onyx Countertops Onyx is a porous stone. It requires regular sealing to prevent stains and damage.

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