How to get rid of Sticky floors after mopping

Understanding the right cleaning techniques is important, the wrong ones can leave a sticky residue on your tile floors. Learn ways to prevent sticky floors and how to fix them.

The reason for why does the floor get sticky after mopping ? #1 - Wrong Cleaning Solution

#2 - Dirty Mop Not using completely clean mop is the one of the most common reason for sticky floors.

#3-Soapy Residue

If we don’t get all that soapy  water out, it dries into a sticky layer.

#4- Environmental Factors

Sometimes it’s just plain old humidity making things feel tacky, or maybe something got spilled earlier and we didn’t notice.

Ways to prevent sticky floors

Choosing the right cleaning tools and products: Choose the right cleaner and use the microfibre mop.

Choosing the Best Cleaning Product: pH-neutral cleaners are the best pick. Not too harsh, not too mild, just right.

Preparing the floor correctly before starting: Give it a good sweep or a quick pass with the vacuum. Get all that loose dirt off the stage before the main act.

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