What to put under Air Fryer to protect Countertop

Introduction to Air Fryers, Recommended Placement of Air fryers, Types of Countertops and how they react to heat, Best Materials to Put Under Your Air Fryer.

Air fryers use a rapid air circulation method. They have a heating element that heats the air, and a fan circulates this hot air around the food, giving it a crispy layer similar to frying,.

The typical temperature  from the heat of an air fryer can range for most air fryers falls between 180 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, when we discuss the potential risks of placing such a device directly on a countertop, we need to consider the concept of “thermal shock."

Imagine placing a hot pan on a cold glass surface; the sudden change in temperature might cause the glass to crack. This principle holds true for countertops too.

An air fryer, with its high heat output, can potentially lead to such situations if placed directly on the countertop without any protective barrier.

Why Protecting Your Countertop is Important ? Did you know some air fryers can get as hot as 400°F (204°C) or even more?

Preventing scratches: The bottom of your air fryer might have rough edges.

Best Materials to Put Under Your Air Fryer There are a variety of protective mats made from different materials that can save countertops from potential damage.

Heat-resistant Mats Silicone Mats or Silicone Pads: Among the best heat-resistant material, the silicone mats are the best option.