what is a spice kitchen

Everything you need to know about spice kitchen. What are the features, design elements & benefits of having a spice kitchen.

A spice kitchen is a secondary kitchen or cooking space next to the main kitchen. It has its own appliances and very good ventilation.

It’s mainly used for intense cooking with aromatic ingredients. It is usually a smaller size regular kitchen.

The Concept

In some homes, it’s referred to as a ‘wok kitchen,’ especially in places where stir-frying is an everyday cooking method.

Ancient Times

Places like India, the Middle Eastern countries, and some parts of Asia separated heavy-duty spice grinding and cooking from the main kitchen to keep the home free of overpowering food smell..

Cooking Smells

You may say that the cooking smells are not that bad. I agree, but just imagine foods like Indian curries that are are very delicious.

However the smell or onion and garlic while it’s bring cooked is not as great. And now add cooking fish with these spices.

Features of a Spice Kitchen These kitchens usually have efficient ventilation, heat-resistant countertops,. They often have closed doors to keep strong odors of cooking smell contained from the rest of your home.

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