waterfall granite island

Sleek waterfall granite islands offer lasting durability and upscale appeal but come with a premium cost and upkeep. Let's talk about the pros & Cons.

Waterfall countertops are a design feature where the countertop material, extends vertically down the side of the cabinets, creating a continuous flow.

This seamless transition offers a visually striking element and is often used to showcase the beauty of the countertop material.

Pros of Waterfall island:

Enhanced Aesthetics Waterfall countertops instantly elevate the look of your kitchen

Durability and Protection

By covering the sides of your kitchen island or cabinet, waterfall islands offer added protection against dents, scratches, and other potential damage..

Easy Maintenance

The smooth, one-piece design of a waterfall countertop makes it easier to clean and maintain because there are no gaps for dirt to collect.

Increased Home Value A well-made waterfall island can raise your home’s value. People looking to buy often see these countertops as fancy and attractive, making your home more popular for sale.

Cons of Waterfall Countertops Higher Cost The main drawback of waterfall countertops is their cost, as they typically require more material and labor to install than traditional countertops.

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