Soapstone Kitchen Countertops 

Understanding Soapstone kitchen countertops, Types & properties of Soapstone, Pros & Cons, uses of soap stone. Buying guide for soapstone countertops.

Soapstone, or Steatite, is a metamorphic stone primarily composed of talc. It is a natural quarried stone.

It is known for its heat resistance, non-porosity, and the delightful soft touch that gives it its name.

It is available in an array of  colors, from light gray to a deep charcoal hue. Soapstone has the versatility to blend with various design aesthetics.

Types of Soapstone

Artistic Soapstone-High-talc soapstone is a soft stone , it can feel almost like a hard clay, which makes it super easy to carve and shape.

Architectural Soapstone

Soapstone for countertops is a lower talc content soapstone and also contains amounts of chlorite. This mix gives it a bit more toughness.

Properties of Soapstone: feels a bit like a soft medium or even a very soft material to the touch. its heat-resistant,

Pros and Cons of Soapstone: Durability:Despite its softness, soapstone is exceptionally durable. Heat resistance: It can withstand high temperatures.

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