How to Design Scandinavian Style Home

 Here’s what you need to know when designing a Scandinavian Style Home.

Scandinavian Interior Design Characteristics 

Five essential elements

Color scheme, Lighting, Materials, Furniture and Decor elements.

Scandinavian Style Bedroom 

When designing a Scandinavian style bedroom , since all the colors are similar and neutral, layering is very important.

Scandinavian Style Kitchen 

Scandinavian design is about natural materials, such as wood & stone. These materials create a warm atmosphere.

Scandinavian Style Home Decor

Scandinavian style design uses a minimalist approach to accessories. Decorative items are often kept to a minimum.

Find design inspiration for all  the Scandinavian Style Rooms (dining, Living, Kitchen, Bedroom) to create a cohesive Scandinavian style home.