Why Granite? Current trends & Most popular granite colors Classic and Contemporary Whites,Elegant Blacks and Sophisticated Grays Warm Neutrals and Earth Tones, Unique and Bold Color Choices.

Granite is formed from various types of minerals under the earth’s surface, making it one of the toughest igneous rocks around. It offers durability, beauty, and value all in one package.

Classic and Contemporary Whites: Colonial White Granite: It’s not just an excellent choice for new granite countertops; it’s like the epitome of versatility in color.

Alaska White

Alaska White Granite has got these lovely neutral tones that can fit in beautifully with both modern and traditional kitchens. It’s like the chameleon of granite slabs!

Elegant Blacks and Sophisticated Grays: Black Galaxy Granite:Imagine a black background with twinkling star-like specks.

Dark Nordic Black Granite:

It’s got this deep, rich black grain that screams sophistication. Ideal for modern kitchen designs, it makes a statement without being too overpowering.

Maori Granite: Maori granite is like the perfect blend of elegance and mystery. It works incredibly well in contemporary kitchens, giving a sleek and polished look that’s hard to beat.

Steel Grey Granite

It's muted grey tones are perfect for a contemporary look, offering versatility and style without overpowering your kitchen’s design.