40 Best Kitchen Accent Wall ideas Story 

Kitchen accents walls are a great way to create a focal point, add a wow factor and even give a modern look to a traditional kitchen. Here 40 Best kitchen accent wall ideas for your blank wall.

How to choose an accent wall that complements the existing decor in my kitchen? Consider your color scheme Look for inspiration

Think about texture Consider the location: Don’t forget lighting

Create an Arch

If there is an option for you to redo the wall, creating an arch is just a great way to create an accent wall

Poster Wall paper

Did you know that there are wall papers that have the look of posters..

Wall Mounted Map Decor

If you are a person who loves maps, here is a very interesting and unique design idea for kitchen feature wall.

Cutting Boards as Decor An Easy way to create an accent wall is to hang all the different kinds of cutting boards on the wall.

Stone Accent wall kitchen You can create a bold statement by choosing dramatic marble or quartzite or you can make it as a simple decorative element by selecting a white marble with grey vein pattern.

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