Indoor  Fireplace  ideas 

Check out my picks to get inspired for creating stylish fireplaces. There are so many options to dress up your fireplace depending on what your design taste is.

A fireplace also functions as a part of your home decor so you can make it the focal point of the room. You can choose to be bold and dramatic.

Stone Fireplace Ideas This classy fireplace was designed with dramatic veined marble edge details.


This impressive moody room is designed by Leo Designs. A contrasting natural black and white marble was specified.

Dramatic Contrast

This exquisite fireplace, crafted from luxurious marble has striking burgundy and black veins that create a dramatic and sophisticated look. The bold colors contrast is making it a stunning focal point in any room..

Modern Rustic

This elegant fireplace features a white marble backdrop with dramatic grey and black veins. Traditional bricks offer a classic, cozy feel, while the edges add a touch of sophistication, blending modern and rustic aesthetics seamlessly.

Contemporary Style Fireplace Design. Sleek modern contemporary recessed concrete fireplace. Love the use of monochromatic color sofa with the metallic Coffee table.

This contemporary fireplace is simple yet impactful. The black natural stone granite with a sleek straight mantle and a ledge covered with the same granite.

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