how thick are quartz countertops

The thickness of quartz countertops is an important factor. Guide to different thicknesses, how to choose the right thickness & design tends in quartz countertop thickness.

Quartz countertops generally come in three thickness variants: 1cm (3/8 inches), 2cm (3/4 inches), and 3cm (1 1/4 inches).

The 1cm Option (3/8 inches) : The lightest option, It’s mostly used for vertical installations like walls or sides of a cabinet.

The 2cm thickness (3/4 inches)  is a standard choice for  countertops. It’s sturdy enough  for most uses and can bear the weight of appliances.

The 3cm thickness (1 1/4 inches) is the most robust of all. It provides ample support for any countertop application and there is no need for edge buildup.

How to choose the perfect quartz countertop thickness for your home ?

Consider the overall design of your kitchen. If you’re going for a minimalist look, thinner quartz countertops may be best.

The thicker quartz countertops are more suited for traditional or farmhouse style kitchens. The thinner quartz countertops are better to create sleek, modern, contemporary or minimalist designs.

If your kitchen or bathroom sees a lot of traffic or heavy use, a thicker countertop may be more suitable due to its increased durability and resistance to damage.

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