How long do quartz countertops last

What are Quartz countertops. How are they made ? The advantages of Quartz. Comparing Quartz to other materials. What factors effect the  life span of quartz countertops.

What are  Quartz Countertops ? Quartz countertops give a very  luxurious touch to kitchens or bathrooms.

The quartz counters are engineered from natural quartz combined with resins, resulting in a surface that is both beautiful and very durable.

Quartz countertop is practically indestructible, resistant to stains and scratches, and non-porous.

How are Quartz Countertops made ?

Quartz mining involves extracting large rocks containing quartz from open pit mines, followed by transportation to a processing plant where they are crushed.

This powder is then mixed with resin binders and pigments, with the resin acting as a glue and the pigments providing color. The mixture is poured into molds shaped like countertops.

Finally, the molded quartz undergoes heating, pressing, curing, and polishing to create a solid, non-porous countertop with a finish that can range from high gloss to matte.

The advantages of Quartz Countertops: The good news is that Quartz countertops are nearly indestructible. It’s one of the most durable materials.

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