Horizontal vs Vertical Bathroom Tiles Story

Should bathroom tiles be horizontal or vertical. What are the effects of installing horizontal tiles and vertical tiles. Why & when to choose horizontal vs vertical tile.

Tiles are most commonly used on bathroom walls. There is a lot of different styles of tiles available, however the most commonly used are square and rectangular tiles.

When you have a bathroom with limited space and tall walls, installing vertical tiles will give an illusion of making the room wider.

Horizontal Tiles

This layout is best done with smaller tiles to create more  depth. This works perfectly  as it balances the room.

What are the effects of installing vertical tiles

Vertical tiles make the eyes more drawn toward the vertical height thus creating an illusion of higher wall.

Horizontal vs vertical tiles : which one to choose ?

If you use larger size tile, they help create an expansive look where as smaller size tiles make the room cozy.

large shower tile vertical or horizontal: What’s the outcome ? When using larger tiles, there are less grout lines that also helps in the room give an illusion of looking bigger.

How do you make a narrow room look wider with tiles? When wanting to make a narrow room look wider, opt for installing horizontal tiles.

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