Honed marble vs polished 

Understanding Marble, What is honed & polished finish, Comparing both the finishes, when to use each finish in your project.

Marble is formed when limestone undergoes metamorphism, a process where it’s subjected to high temperature and pressure over a long period.

It's unique veining and patterns, alongside its cool and elegant touch, makes it a sought-after material in the design world.

What is Honed Finish ?

A honed finish is a finish   that is flat and smooth,  but not shiny.

How is it achieved ?

This smooth finish is achieved by grinding the surface of the marble slabs using a series of abrasive materials, usually  diamond pads, to remove small bits of stone.

What is Polished Finish ?

Polished finish means that the  stone surface has been ground and buffed until it gets a high-gloss finish.

This polishing process includes lot of finer grits of abrasive pad until the surface becomes a highly reflective.

Comparing Honed and Polished Finish 1: Feel and Texture Honed marble has a smooth surface, Its texture is more like satin or velvety feel.

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