Pros & Cons of Hickory & Oak Flooring. Comparing on durability, aesthetics, hardness, maintenance and cost. How to choose the right one.

Hickory wood is something special. It’s got these incredible grain patterns and it’s super tough, making it a top-notch choice for flooring.

Oak flooring is like the classic go-to for floors. People love it because it’s not only durable but also ages gracefully.

Hickory wood is super durable and hard, which is great for areas with a lot of foot traffic. Plus, the aesthetic appeal is off the charts!

Hickory has these unique grain patterns that really set it apart from softer woods and other types of wood.

Oak floors, Honestly, they might be the best choice if you’re after that classic and timeless look.

Oak floors are a super durable option, perfect for high traffic areas in the house. Plus,  they’re a dream when it  comes to maintenance and repairs.

So, about the downsides of hickory hardwood floors – they’re definitely pricier . One of the key differences is the cost.

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