Epoxy Counters 

Understanding Epoxy counters, how long do they last. Pros & cons of epoxy counter tops, installation and cost of epoxy countertop.

Epoxy countertops consist of epoxy resin—a clear, polymer-based material. When cured, it results in a glossy, smooth surface.

The smooth surface that can mimic the appearance of marble, granite, and other  high-end materials.

Epoxy countertops, on average,  can last anywhere between  10 to 20 years, depending on various factors. Depending on how they are installed and how well they are maintained.

Advantages of epoxy countertops

That high-gloss epoxy finish is a the primary reason lot of home owners love this type of countertop. It gives your kitchen counters or bathroom countertop that sleek, modern look..

Epoxy Countertops have NON-Porous Surface

There’s a vast color palette you can choose from, and if you’re feeling artsy, you can even get custom designs.

Epoxy Counters are Heat resistant While it’s good practice to use a mat, epoxy resin countertops can handle a fair bit of high temperatures.

Epoxy Countertops are Scratch Resistant Epoxy countertops have a hard surface, they are resistant to scratches.

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