Does porcelain tile need to be sealed Story

Understanding Porcelain Tiles. Sealing Porcelain Tiles: A Necessity or Not? What is Tile Sealing? Pros & cons of Sealing Porcelain tiles. How to Determine if Your Porcelain Tiles Need Sealing.

Porcelain tiles are made from a refined clay, often referred to as porcelain clay, which is fired at extremely high temperatures.

Polished porcelain tiles are ground and polished for a  shiny, more sophisticated finish.

What is Tile Sealing?

Tile sealing, think of it like this:  it’s like putting a thin layer of  armor on your tile surface.

Types of Sealants and Their Uses

We’ve got penetrating sealants that soak into the tile, fortifying it from within. Topical sealers that sit on the surface, creating a protective barrier.

There’s an ongoing debate among experts about whether porcelain tiles need sealing. Sealing porcelain tiles is not always a necessity, but it can be beneficial in certain situations.

The type of porcelain tile you use, especially if it’s a textured surface or a type designed for outdoor use, might demand sealing for extra protection against the elements.

Unglazed tiles, for example, with their beautiful matte finish and natural texture, might absorb more water. Here, a sealer can play a crucial role in preventing damage.

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