What is Book matching stone, how are stone slabs book matched. which materials can be book matched.Best applications for book matching. Cost of book matching.

Book-matched stone is when you place two stone slab pieces next to each other, making their patterns look like a mirror image.

How are bookmatched stones created ? Natural stone blocks are quarried from the mountain and taken to the factories.

The big block is sliced in slabs. Slabs with the same block are polished on the opposite sides, the pattern on every 2nd slab is a mirror image of the first one.

Book Match

When these two slabs are joined together, their pattern becomes a book match.

What is Quad Match ?

Quad Match is when you use 4 consecutive slabs to make a pattern.

How do you book match stones ?

Once the right slabs are selected, the slabs are placed next to each other and and their patterns meeting at the adjoining edges.

The stone fabricator carefully aligns the patterns and veining to achieve a mirrored, symmetrical appearance, creating the bookmatched effect.

What stones can be bookmatched ? Various stones can be bookmatched, as long as they have distinctive patterns or veining that create a visually appealing effect when mirrored.

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