6 design techniques to create a luxury home bar

Through out my career assisting interior designers with stone & tile  specifications, I have figured out the basic design techniques that  you can use to create luxury home bars.

If you are looking to design the perfect home bar then keep reading.

I will explain how you can use different elements to raise the bar!!!

Use Dramatic Natural Stone To Make It Unique

If you want to design one of a kind, stand out luxury bar, then select a  bold and dramatic natural stone.

Use Translucent Stone that backlights

There are natural stones that are translucent, that means when you put a light source behind or underneath them, it illuminates.

If you are a color lover like me, you can use bold colors like Red, Green or black paint on the cabinetry and wall to create the drama.

Use Bold Paint Color to create Drama

Floating shelves give the space a clean functional vibe adding a focal element where you can display art, small plants or even your drink ware.

Use Floating Shelves That Serve as form & Function

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